Rules from an Actual Pirate Code

Don't Punk Out

“He that shall desert the ship or his quarters in the time of battle shall be punished by death or marooning.”

Gambling Leads to Fights

“None shall game for money, either with dice or cards.” 

Pirates Understood Democracy

“Every man shall have an equal vote in affairs of moment. He shall have an equal title to the fresh provisions or strong liquors at any time seized, and shall use them at pleasure unless a scarcity makes it necessary for the common good that a retrenchment may be voted.” 

Be Mindful of Thy Neighbor

“The lights and candles shall be put out at eight at night, and if any of the crew desire to drink after that hour they shall sit upon the open deck without lights.” 

Keep Your Weapons Sharp At All Times 

“Each man shall keep his piece, cutlass and pistols, at all times clean and ready for action.”

Don't Bring Your Date On the Ship

“No boy or woman [shall] be allowed amongst them. If any man shall be found seducing one of the latter sex and carrying her to sea in disguise, he shall suffer death.” 

Pirate's Had The First Concept of Worker's Compensation

“Every man who shall become a cripple or lose a limb in the service shall have eight hundred pieces of eight from the common stock, and for lesser hurts proportionately.”

The Band Gets To Take A Break

“The musicians shall have rest on the Sabbath Day only, by right, on all other days, by favor only.”

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