Our Story

We founded Mutineer Bay out of our deep love of pirate legends and pirate ideals. We are not about the fun and rope swinging fantasies made popular in Hollywood. Our brand stands for something much deeper, the pirate values that in many ways, mirrors the best of our own American ideals:


  • Like the American revolutionaries, pirates developed three branches of government with checks and balances. The ship captain was elected, just as the U.S. president; the pirate assembly was comparable to Congress; and the quartermaster resembled a judge in settling shipmate disputes and preventing the captain from overstepping his authority.

  • Democracy - where each man (and in the case of female pirates) were considered equal and tyrannical authority is rejected. 

  • Self-determination but with unity and loyalty to your crew
  • Pioneering new frontiers, embracing adventure and an entrepreneurial spirit
  • Inclusion of peoples from multiple cultures and classes.
  • Have some fun, have a drink (or two)


You will learn more about these ideas through our pirate stories and apparel designs. We encourage you to join our Facebook community and follow us on Instagram to get the most immersive experience with our brand. You will learn a lot, be inspired, and have some fun.


Never Be Tamed.

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