What Pirate Teach Us

Pirates traveled often and over long distances, obviously. This was done for plunder and not for pleasure but lessons still translate. Travel gets you out of your comfort zone.

Step away from the familiar and dive into the unknown to really discover how others live and what the world has to offer. Most people appreciate the efforts of a traveler who tries to communicate in the mother tongue instead of assuming that everyone can, or should, speak English.

  1. Travel encourages gratitude. Seeing how other people live may help you to appreciate how fortunate your circumstances are. Travel can make you appreciate the myriad choices you have available to you every day, from seemingly endless fresh fruits and vegetables to dozens of breakfast cereals.
  2. Travel exposes you to other world-views. Seeing what events make the front page of the newspaper when you’re travelling can remind you that some concerns are universal and also help you to see that your home country, or home town, is not always the absolute center of the universe.
  3. Travel helps you be more present. Regardless of whether you are on an African safari, touring medieval castles or shopping at an open market in Bangkok, your natural desire to soak up all that’s new take up all your bandwidth—which makes it almost impossible to be dwelling on the past or be anxious about the future.

Make sure you follow our Mutineer Blog where we capture the power of travel by going to locations all over the globe.


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